……Party founder member questions the harassment of poor Zambians over masks yet Government is holding on to materials donated by well-wishers

THE PF must stop celebrating mediocrity from some of its ministers who are making public stunts by harassing poor Zambians using the COVID-19 outbreak for personal political aggrandizement, party founding member Fabian Mutale has said.

Speaking to The Scoop this morning, Mr. Mutale said it is disgusting that instead of distributing donated resources to all the Zambians across the country to help curb the pandemic, there were individuals within the PF rank and file who are using the outbreak to make a name for themselves.

“PF is losing an opportunity to win the hearts of Zambians. While it is not right to try and gain popularity in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the PF leadership should have seized an opportunity and taken stock of all the donations that have been made so far and distributed them equitably to the people as opposed to this grandstanding by some officials who are harassing Zambians who can’t even afford to buy masks.

“The problem we have is that there are no serious politicians in PF. People are just in positions for personal benefits. If they had politicians, they would have used this pandemic to change people’s perception by doing what is expected of them,” Mr. Mutale said.

He advised leaders who were grandstanding for cheap political mileage and puffed up with presidential ambitions to take deep introspection, saying they are destroying the party by harassing innocent poor Zambians yet Government is holding on to donated materials.

“It is a known fact that the K28 million worthy of donations from just one institution, not to talk about many other donations, is more than enough to meet three-quarters of the population in terms of providing them with essential material to fight the disease. Can the PF leadership wake up?

“As opposed to cheap publicity that named leaders are making for themselves, let them have a bigger picture because Zambians are watching,” he warned.

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