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THERE is no justification over the transportation of Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) samples by public service transport and the consequent death of Ian Mutambo, the medical personnel from Zambezi, in accident involving the Power Tools bus, Enock Tonga has charged.

Mr. Tonga, who is 3RD Liberation Movement (3RD LM) president, yesterday told The Scoop in an interview that the death of Mr. Mutambo has confirmed his party’s long-held view that the PF administration does not value life.

He says it is unfortunate that a young life of a front-liner in the fight against COVID-19 was lost in such a manner in a public service transport while carrying samples for testing thereby putting the lives of other passengers at risk yet Government has vehicles

“Government has so far received unaccounted for billions of dollars in form of donations towards the fight against coronavirus yet a frontline health worker in the fight against coronavirus and biomedical student Ian Mutambo, aged 24, had to lose his precious life in a public transport.

“President Lungu and your Government, what do you take the people of Zambia for? Even though you are an unaccountable Government, on the death of young Ian Mutambo, we, on behalf of the people of Zambia, demand for answers. Tell the people of Zambia, why was Ian made to use public transport in the midst of plenty? Who allowed him? The guilty must be disciplined immediately,” Mr. Tonga demanded.

Yesterday, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya said there was nothing wrong with the conveyance of COVID-19 samples using public transport and that there was no risk of contact with passengers on the bus as the consignment was secured.

Dr. Chilufya said a decision was made for Mr. Mutambo to use public service transport because their vehicle in Zambezi was used for patients’ referrals and that they did not want to delay the conveyance of the sample.

He however said an investigation would be conducted after which a full report will be released to the public on what transpired.

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