By Dr. Canisius Banda

Former UPND vice president

When Republican President His Excellency Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu, inspired by his faith in God, urged citizens to troop back to their churches, the churches opted to remain closed. The President prayed.

Instead, many churches mocked and ridiculed him. See what this Khoswe is telling us, they laughed. It is foolish to deliberately expose oneself to danger, many scared Christians were heard to say in self-defense. Petrified rats!

But who said that you should look for an active COVID-19 patient and ask him to directly cough in your face to test your faith? Who said that? This is happening in a Christian nation that claims to premise its existence on faith in God. Now Jesus holds His face down in shame.

Aware that faith alone is dead, President LUNGU urged believers to still observe the required levels of hygiene even as they returned to their temples to worship. Deeds, you see, plus faith. But still the churches opted to remain closed. And yet the brothels remained open.

Peter must be smiling. This denying of Jesus will truly never end. It appears that in Zambia, worshippers fear the coronavirus more than God. Jesus wept. Where are you, pastor, God calls? In quarantine, Lord, the priest says, afraid.

What would be better, to catch COVID-19 whilst in church, passionately and sincerely, worshipping God or to catch it at home whilst in hiding, running away from God. Haven’t these Christians heard about  the 91st psalm of David? Or Isaiah 41: 10? Now you see, a pastor has died from COVID-19 whilst in hiding. The little devil followed him home.

Tell me now, where is this coward going? To heaven or hell. Somehow, I feel like carrying his bags as I see him off to the flames! B**stard! Pardon me, heathen! Yes, many will indeed shout out His name but few will be saved. And the bitches will truly be saved first.

What believers are these, who have forgotten Misheck, Shadreck and Abednigo? Believers that run away from lions when Daniel didn’t! Come on somebody, shout hallelujah! Do I hear a Jesus!

Ever faithful, normal will return. Lungu still prays! Trust me, without Goliath, David would not have been a hero. Remember that always…

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