… As he calls upon the International community must take keen interest on the unraveling sponsored criminality in Zambia

By Scoop Reporter

THE Patriotic Front Government must stop glorifying and justifying criminality, All People’s Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni has said.

In a statement obtained by The Scoop this morning, Mr. Msoni says it is bad enough that the poor governance style of the country is a test case of “how not to run a Government”.

He says to have the temerity and the cheek to openly assert that every country has thieves is rather a case of criminality gone too far and is tantamount to self-admission of wrongdoing and criminality on the part of the Zambian government.

“We think that this assertion and the bad behaviour being exhibited by PF leaders gives the impression that the Zambian government is under siege by scoundrels, jackals and so forth purportedly running the country.

“We further think that such reckless political statement and poor judgment on the part of the government speaks to the rot at the core of the government and does not in any way help the country reinforce the fight against graft,” Mr. Msoni said.

He says no serious Government on earth can blatantly justify corruption and denounce citizens for regularly speaking out against corruption and that a sense of shame is not a bad moral campus for any self-respecting leadership.

He says a Government that relies on terror and violence to maintain itself in government is unfit for purpose and that clearly, a Government that resorts to perpetuating terror and violence against political opponents and muzzling the press is a government that has lost legitimacy and the argument for remaining in government.

He noted that the willful proliferation of small arms and other offensive weapons in the hands of criminals is threatening the peace and tranquility Zambia has enjoyed since political independence and that Zambians must denounce the sustained and the uncivilised attacks on political opponents in the strongest term.

“We think that moral bankruptcy and criminality is what has reduced the credibility of the Zambian government amongst the dignified council of nations of the world. To this end, we call upon on our fraternal friends from the international community to take keen interest on the unraveling sponsored criminality being perpetrated and bankrolled by criminal elements of the PF regime ahead of the 2021 elections.

“The period prior to the polls is absolutely critical and crucial to attaining the desired peaceful democratic space necessary for the holding of free and fair elections,” he said.

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