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PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has directed that all the people who test positive to COVID-19 but are not showing any symptoms must not be admitted but be allowed to go into self-quarantine.

In his COVID-19 national address yesterday, President Lungu expressed concern that the Ministry of Health has continued to keep in quarantine, citizens who have tested positive but have no symptoms.

He says this state of affairs could just expose these persons to further infection as well and that this is leading to unproductivity and waste of space for those who are ill.

“I, therefore, direct that citizens who have tested positive but are not showing any symptoms, be allowed to go in self-isolation and strictly observe health guidelines. Health officials must conduct surveillance on such persons and I urge their families to be their brother’s and sister’s keepers.

“Only patients showing COVID-19 symptoms, and those COVID-19 positive with underlying illnesses, such as tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS, must be in quarantine,” President Lungu said.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says during this difficult period, he has visited economic facilities and firms, such as, Trade Kings, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), the Kariba Dam and the construction site at Buffalo Park.

He says he decided to visit these facilities because they represent some of the key sectors of the economy.

He says he looked at the performance of local industry under this environment with a view to promoting local production of goods and avoid importation and also looked at food storage to assess the local food security.

“Another key outcome of the covid-19 is the undeniable fact that relying heavily on imports and external support has far reaching consequences when there is a disruption in the world economic order. Under the circumstances, countries that have resilient economies stand a better chance of braving the storm.

“I looked at how our investment in increasing power generation capacity can help to reduce load shedding and support our industrial growth. I also looked at how the construction industry is enhancing our job creation agenda,” he said.

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