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….. Some Zambians doubt her declaration that she is COVID-19 positive

By Scoop Reporter

NO sooner had the announcement that Minister of Information Dora Siliya has tested positive made than some people took to social media to doubt the announcement, rubbishing it as a scheme by Government to continue receiving funds for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF’s) campaigns next year.

Yesterday, Ms. Siliya announced that she has tested positive for COVID-19.

She says she has been very involved in the last three month in the communication and fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic with her Government Colleagues and that even after taking all precautions like washing her hand and face regularly, masking and maintaining social distance as much as possible, she tested Positive for COVID-19 yesterday and immediately went into self-isolation.

She says she is at the moment asymptomatic and is not showing any symptoms or feeling ill despite being positive and that she has alerted the Ministry of Health and given them all her contacts, especially in the last 10 days.

She says she has also given all the persons to the medical authorities in relation to all persons she has come into contact with within the last 10 days.

But most people have doubted her status saying this is just a gimmick to make money by creating a desolate situation to attract donors’ sympathy as a way of continuously getting funding which the party will in turn channel to campaign activities next year.

Here are some of the comments collected from social media platforms by The Scoop:

  • This is nothing but a political gimmick ba dora siliti
  • If it’s not fake news ,Get well soon madam
  • Fake….just lying that she tested positive…dont believe these politicians…too much gimmicks…looks like real COVID of two months ago is gone…now we have fake COVID which is not killing anyone
  • Even if Dora was positive, she wouldn’t come out to tell us. This is a cunning, untrustworthy, woman. It wud be true if it was a whistleblower, but since it’s directly coming from her, No! It’s not true. She is hiding from someone or arrest or something…pls check the police cases leading to her & u ll find the answer. Or she wants to earn free money for 2 weeks (quarantine period). But i suspect there is a huge fire cooking in the basement.
  • This time around, there will be no evacuation to morning side clinic in South Africa. You must learn to equip your hospitals and modernize them. I urge all PF ministers to go voluntary testing for COVID 19. Meanwhile PF must go!
  • You see Dora Siliya, you will soon need Prime TV to cover your isolation. In life let’s show humility to our critics. Some critics can pull you out of danger. PF must go!

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