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WE will not arm-twist traditional leaders on Bill 10 but seek their wisdom and guidance which is devoid of political inclination, chairperson of the parliamentary select committee on Bill 10, Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Speaking in Mwandi this afternoon when he paid a courtesy call Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta of Mwandi district in Western Province, Mr. Nakacinda said Bill 10 was progressive and inclusive and that he is in the province not to shove the document down the throats of the traditional leadership but to seek guidance.

He says there have been Constitution-making processes which have been aborted before after spending huge sums of money but said this should not be the case with Bill 10 adding that the future of this country is only guaranteed when traditional leaders take their rightful position.

“We are seeking for your wisdom and guidance which is not influenced by petty political inclination meant to achieve political expedience. The future of this country can only traditional leadership takes its rightful place to guide all of us who have offered ourselves for political office.

“Constitution-making in this country has been on going in this country from independence, there have been processes that have gone on in this country which after spending so much money have just ended up being an academic exercise,” Mr. Nakacinda said.

He says President Edgar Lungu has done in Constitution-making, something that is extra ordinary, that did not happen in times past and that this give the country an opportunity that if Zambians are objective, and put aside partisan politics on this issue, citizens will have something that they have been yearning for so many years.

He says the current Constitution has created a situation which needs to be cured and that the country’s democracy needs to be locally bred so that it can take into consideration Zambia’s culture and traditions.

“We acknowledge the importance that traditional leadership continues to play in this country. Am not afraid to say that there could not have been Zambia without the traditional leadership of Western Province and Barotseland.

“There has been an attempt to rewrite history and want to aloud credit to certain individuals over the liberation struggle of this country, the region and the continent at large. But if it wasn’t for the throne particularly that of the Litunga in the early 1900’s… I don’t think we would be talking of a country Zambia today,” he said.

He says there is a number of things that have been talked about (concerning) Bill 10 some of which are misinformation and some of it are deliberate twisting of facts but that having participated in the process himself, he saw it right to travel to Western Province.

“I came here to have an interaction with traditional leaders to look into Bill 10 with keen interest and make sure that we do not allow some of the good things in Bill 10 to be destroyed at the altar of political expedience,” he said.

And senior chief Inyambo Yeta has declared support for the enactment of Bill 10 into law saying coming up with effective laws is a good ingredient in governing the country.

Speaking through acting Induna Lyashimba, Lawrence Amukuteile Sitoboha, the traditional leader said the constitution was a guide and a useful governing factor in the running of every nation across the globe.

“We have had a lot of stories flying around and many statements but we want to rest our case in the will of the people to be put to fruition. We want to assure you that traditional leadership more especially Barotseland is above partisan politics we stand and support the government of the day.

“The constitution is our guide and this is useful governing factor in the running of every nation or country across the globe and we appreciate all the processes that government is undertaking. We appreciate the efforts being the constitution that requires the input of people, we really want to submit that the people’s will should be done that will govern this country in a better way. So, I want to thank you,” senior chief Inyambo Yeta.


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