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SMALL Scale Mining Association of Zambia (FSSMAZ) have demanded for the withdrawal of the contract between the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines –Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH) and Sudanese company, Karma Investment.

FSSMAZ president, Joseph Mwansa, has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to withdraw the contract or partnership between the two entities adding that his Association is concerned with the partnership as it has raised a lot of dust.

He has wondered why Zambia has allowed its strategic resources to be taken away from citizens all in the name of investment and questioned what kind of machinery and expertise that Karma Investment has that ZCCM-IH itself or Government could not afford.

“ZCCM-IH is owned by the Zambian Government.  Surely, why should we allow our strategic resources to be taken away from us in the name of investment? What kind of machinery or expertise is Karma company investment bringing which ZCCM or the Zambian Government does not have or cannot afford to buy?

“Do we want to do what we did to Kagem and other state enterprises which were sold for almost free? What expertise will they bring which Zambia doesn’t have? Some qualified and experienced Zambians are working in Lumwana refinery. Which school did they go to where Zambians can’t go and learn? Do we need foreign expertise for gold mining in Zambia? What is wrong with us Zambians?” Mr. Mwansa asked.

He wondered why Government is not learning from past experience with companies like Mopani Copper Mines (MCM) and how it is treating Zambians.

“Are you telling us that there are no Zambians with money? This is a dangerous complex. We always think that only foreign investors can do it. You give what belong to us for free. You can create and offer shares through the stock exchange and allow Zambian companies and individuals invest in the Gold business through ZCCM-IH.

“For example, Ethiopia has a policy that encourages indigenous citizens to participate in economically develop their nation. So this has contributed in Ethiopians having a major stake in building Ethiopia. They believe in themselves. We are so loyal to the foreigners than our people,” he said.

He has wondered how Zambians will building their economy when they are not given an opportunity to invest in the gold refinery plant.

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