… Appeal to the MPs to ensure the bill is withdrawn

By Scoop Reporter

THE Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) has rejected Bill 10 saying the process that was undertaken lacked genuine consensus and have called on Members of Parliament to withdraw the piece of legislation immediately.

In a statement dated June 9, 2020 and signed by ZCCB president Rt. Rev. George Cosmas Zumaire Lungu, the Catholic Bishops say the church firmly believes that any legitimate process of making, reviewing and amending the supreme law of the land ought to be premised on a process that is widely inclusive, transparent, accountable and anchored on consensus building rather than partisan interests.

They reiterate that the making of a people-driven Constitution that would stand the test of time calls for a spirit of dialogue with all stakeholders.

They say this dialogue involves a courteous discussion with a view to reaching or at least moving closer to a consensus.  This requires stakeholders to be open, to be ready to listen and to share positions that will see a better future.

“Unfortunately, what we have observed with regard to Bill 10 is that, the process that was undertaken lacked genuine consensus and has become a source of division in the country. Instead of bringing Zambians together for a common cause, it has further polarized them.

“We hereby make our earnest appeal to the conscience of all Members of Parliament across the political divide to respect the will of the majority Zambians and immediately withdraw the said Bill 10 from the floor of the House,” reads the statement in part.

They have appealed to the people of Zambia “not to lose hope”.

“We genuinely believe the words of our Lord Jesus Christ that those who hunger and thirst for justice will in the end be satisfied. We further call on all well-meaning and God-fearing Zambians to pray that the Almighty God, not only blesses this nation but also “… let justice  flow  like  a  river  and  integrity like an unfailing stream” (Amos 5:24),” reads the statement.

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