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GOVERNMENT has directed that all 3rd years students from Colleges of Education across the country will reopen on Monday, June 29, 2020.

Minister of Education David Mabumba says this reopening of Colleges of Education is to enable the final year students prepare adequately for their final examinations at the end of the year, as the ministry continues preparing for the non-examination classes.

Mr. Mabumba says this is because the ministry does not want to disturb the academic calendar of the final year as they are writing their final year examinations at the end of the year.

He says the closing date will only be determined and communicated later, after the reopening date for non-examination classes is determined.

“It is in this regard that the remaining students will continue learning using their usual e-learning modes which Colleges of Education have put in place. When reporting back, students are requested to bring their own face masks, soaps and hand sanitizers as these will not be provided for by the colleges.

“The Ministry will continue working with the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders to ensure safety of students, lecturers and other staff in the Colleges of Education,” Mr. Mabumba said.

He has appealed to colleges to strictly adhere to the developed COVID-19 guidelines which clearly stipulate roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, measures and actions to prevent the spread of COVID- 19 in learning institutions, health monitoring and disease management, sustaining health services as well as compliance and minimum standards.

“Before Colleges reopen they will need to be inspected and certified ready by the appropriate authorities.  As a ministry, we have taken a cautious approach to reopening our Colleges of Education and this will be subject to review as the pandemic evolves.

“In order for the students to be in a safe environment, we will require the support of everyone, that is, staff, parents, guardians and the students themselves,” he said.


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