By: Clifton Mayaba Chifuwe

WHEN you begin to see a government machinery bent on dividing citizens peacefully coexisting, know those behind it are aware it is time up.

I have listened to the video below with great awe. I never imagined that a learned individual occupying an office that should serve people regardless of tribe, race, color and or creed would stoop so low to become an agent of tribal hate.

The question is, how will such a person whole heartedly give a service to a people he does not even love in the first place.

The CEO in the department under the office of the Vice President Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) leaves much to be desired. He heads a Disaster Management office but he has failed to recognize and to manage himself as a disaster.

Truth be told, Mr. Chanda Kabwe is a serious disaster that has to be managed urgently before another disaster erupts-tribal conflict which by the way, all those in PF are looking forward to. Starting from the president to the lowest rant in PF, they are bent to set this country on fire based on tribal grounds.

The only helpful thing has been the peacefulness, tolerance, maturity among Southerners. However, this will not last perpetually. The unexpected will happen one day when these attributes will expire because of being over stretched by PF.

In Rwanda it started this way and even when all early warning signs were there, they were ignored. In Tonga we have a proverb that goes, “Buzuba bwakabi mbumwi,” literally translated as one day a bad thing will happen.


The disaster at Disaster management and mitigation unit must realize that tribal talk is also a Disaster. Tribalism or racism is what has caused the recent happenings in America. If Mr. Kabwe had humanity within himself, he could realized how inhuman his tribal talk is and would have been quick to recant.

But no, this is a well-planned agenda by PF and the country will be exposed to more of such next year. Earlier I said all in PF are behind this tribal campaign, here is why? In the last SONA by the weak president, on national values, tribalism was demonized but nothing has been done to date to eradicate it.

If anything, it was after the SONA on national values that we saw heightened tribal campaigns. Christopher Yaluma was in his constituency championing tribalism, a paramount Chief in Northern Province went tribal and his subjects to vote based on tribe, Nkandu Luo was heard championing tribalism in Vubwi and now Chanda Kabwe. Do you think this is mere coincidence? NO! It is a well-planned game systematically being played by those in PF government.

Let me now share with you why Chanda Kabwe’s allegations are not true and why they must be dismissed with the contempt they deserve. It said that, he who alleges must prove it. It is not true there is such falsehood about COVID-19 in Southern Province. Why do I say so? If this was true, and that radio stations were responsible, the PF government would have closed them by now.

Actually, before the Disaster of a human being Chanda Kabwe reached Lusaka, the licences would have been suspended. The useless IBA would have been used as attack dogs in their modus operandi. Secondly, Chanda Kabwe would have mentioned the names of those radio stations and MPs who are spreading the alleged falsehood.

Thirdly, there is no single case from Southern province of COVID-19, a clear indication Southerners are strictly adhering to the guidelines by Ministry of Health. So, before Chanda went on national platform to expose his stupidity, he would have known that Southerners have now mastered the methods PF uses to try to malign them.

In case Chanda Kabwe was young in 2016, there was yet another propaganda by Brian Hapunda of a Pamela Chanda woman who was allegedly badly beaten in Sinazongwe for being Bemba. There was another disgruntled journalist from ZNBC who reported that non Tonga’s and Illa speaking people were being ethnically cleansed in Namwala.

As if these were not enough, the embattled Chishimba Kambwili issued disparaging remarks against Southerner for no apparent reason but tribal.


So, dear foolish Disaster heading DMMU, be informed that Zambians cannot and shall not sink so low to talk about tribes. We are a united nation who enjoy intermarrying each other.

I wish to also inform you and your fellow stupid leaders in PF government that my wife is a beautiful and intelligent Easterner. The blood that runs in all my children is powered by both South and East Power. Therefore, spare us your foolishness.


Authored by: Clifton Mayaba Chifuwe

BA Peace and Conflict Resolution (Cand)

Rusangu University

SRC President


Disclaimer: The views in this article do not in part or full represent the views of Rusangu University or the Student Council. They are views purely of the author’s own understanding.

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