By Scoop Reporter

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) cadre Max Chongu says no level of frustration, not even COVID-19 will stop him from protecting and defending the ruling party and President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Chongu says youths should never be worried about who has been appointed or gone ahead of them because divine speed supersede all speeds, hence the need to wait for their own God-given time.

He says allegiance, hard work, commitment, dedication and loyalty to the PF and President Lungu is what is needed the most at this point if the distinguished humble leader is to deliver on our campaign promises to the people of Zambia.

“I am not unminding the fact that economic turbulence has affected many, mostly the youths brewing alarming and threatening frustration levels among the youths, above all feeling of discontent as a result of lack of business and employment opportunities.

“I wish to urge fellow youths not to allow any amount of frustrations not even COVID-19 to stop them from supporting, protecting, defending the party and President Lungu. Having said that, I wish to categorically make my humble appeal to the youths to remain strong, focused for clearly the future of this party is in the hands of the youths,” Mr. Chongu said.

He has requested PF national youth chairman Kelvin Sampa to consult thoroughly from the youths themselves on how to improve their welfare from the available resources Zambia has been blessed with in abundance.

“Let us go flat out and tell the people of Zambia what the PF Government under the able leadership of President Lungu has achieved as compared to previous Governments in less than 10 years of being in power.

“What is more shocking is the fact that we have lamentably failed to give maximum publicity to our achievements as a party the more reasons youths should take it upon themselves to inform the nation on what PF is doing,” he said.

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