By Scoop Reporter

THERE is nothing wrong with renovating a police station using Constituency Development Fund (CDF), Kabwe Central Member of Parliament (MP) Tutwa Ngulube has told his people.

The CDF committee in Kabwe has come under heavy criticism after word went round that part of the CDF was used to renovate Kabwe Central police station, with most people questioning the logic behind the development.

But Mr. Ngulube has jumped to the defence of the committee saying those ignorant about how CDF is allocated and disbursed must learn to ask.

He says Kabwe Central police station is just like any other Government institution which is entitled to accessing the funds if it qualifies and that there is nothing irregular about a police station receiving funding.

He explains that allocation of CDF goes through a thorough process which starts from the CDF committee at the constituency all the way to the Ministry of Local Government for approval

“We want to defend the decision of the committee and also advise that people who do not know how CDF projects are awarded should learn to consult. All these CDF projects are approved by the committee and the police are actually entitled to benefit from CDF funds.

“I also want to state that central police is not the only Government that is benefiting from the CDF just recently, we were putting a wall fence and completing the works at the High Court. We can take development anywhere where there is a request,” Mr. Ngulube said.

He says the police should not always be remembered only when people are trouble and that just like the community needed the police recently during the gassing episode, they must also must realise that the police also needs their support.

“Let us not only remember the police when we are assaulted or when we think it suits us. Zambia police deserves our support,” he said.

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