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THE National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rubbished assertions that its leader, Chishimba Kambwili, is contemplating going back to the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

NDC Copperbelt Province chairperson George Sichula says suggestions that Mr. Kambwili is going back to the PF is mere propaganda as he has principles which others who have gone back like Geoffrey Mwamba lack.

Mr. Sichula says Mr. Kambwili cannot sell his birthright just to win a contract for survival purposes adding that the NDC leader is not the “sebana wikute” kind of a politician.

“The PF has been using this propaganda of telling people that CK is already in talks with the PF. This is purely a propaganda meant to cast doubts in the minds of those that would love to join the NDC family. You cannot compare GBM to CK.

“We need men like CK who stick to principles and not males like GBM who can sell their birth rights just to win a contract to survive. Leaders who practice the law of victory have no plan B. That is why they keep fighting,” Mr. Sichula said.

He says it takes a leader to create momentum and that the NDC is growing everywhere because it has a focused leader.

He says the preoccupation of party members is to sell the party ideologies to the Zambian people to kick out the PF.

“My message to all those that would love to join NDC is that our president remains focused as  NDC president and has at no point confessed having accepted going back to the capsizing  titanic. The heart of good leadership is sacrifice,” he said.


  1. Portrice Chanda

    Leadership is all about sacrificing and die a little bit just to ensure the people you are representing get liberalized from the shackles of poverty inflicted to them.

    If our forefathers were bought by the colonial masters,it wouldn’t have been possible to get independence.They were arrested and thrown into jail but that did not deter them from fighting until the whites gave us back our country.
    Similarly,what the Patriotic Front leadership is doing is to frustrate whoever stands up to speak for the oppresed Zambians by arresting and putting them into police cells.Dr. Chishimba Kambwili is one of them and as if that’s not enough,the PF government has tried by all means to even invade his businesses as a way of silencing him but because of his leadership principles he has continued to fight for the people.

    Those that are in politics for personal gains have already been seen to rejoin the failed leadership in PF and GBM is the best example.The country cannot develop with such fake leaders.We need people like Chishimba Kambwili who even after his contracts are terminated by government,they still continue to fight for the economical independence of Zambians.

    PF should just correct the messed up economy and deliver all their campaign promises if it is to win back the hearts of the people and not start attacking and bribing those that are positively criticising their wrong doings.It means they are not ready to lead and improve the livelihoods of the majority Zambians.

    Thanks a lot CK for standing for the people of Zambia despite what the PF is doing to his businesses.

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