Speech by Russian Federation ambassador Alexander Boldyrev on the eve of the Russia day

On the eve of the Russia Day, celebrated in my country on the 12th of June, I’d like to draw the attention of Zambian audience and emphasize the importance and amicable nature of bilateral relations between our countries.

Russia was amongst the first nations to recognize the young republic and to establish diplomatic relations with Zambia just 6 days after the proclamation of its independence. Last year we celebrated the 55th anniversary of this remarkable date.

Russian-Zambian interaction is invariably friendly and based on the principles of equality and consideration of each other’s interests. Russia and Zambia have a strong commitment to building up mutually advantageous collaboration in the political, economic, scientific, technical and humanitarian fields.

I am confident that the Russia-Africa Summit as well as the economic forum that were held in Sochi in October last year contributed to the sound development of these cooperation and allowed us to outline new forms of fruitful partnership.

The historical top level meeting between H.E. Mr. V. Putin and H.E. Dr. E. Lungu in July, 2018, gave a great impetus to the enhancement of the bilateral relations. The multitude of official contacts and consolidation of inter-parliamentary ties was highlighted by the visit of the delegation of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation headed by the Chairman V.I. Matvienko in February, 2020.

At that time the head of the delegation confirmed Russia’s focus on building up the whole complex of bipartite relations. Particular importance was attached to the fields of agriculture, engineering, geological exploration, medicine, nuclear energy.

Great attention was paid to the implementation of the joint flagship project to create the Centre for Nuclear Science & Technology, indeed, the pinnacle of the latest developments in the Russian-Zambian economic, scientific and technical relations.

The project has been conceived and implemented in the country since the year of 2016 in conjunction with the Russian State Corporation ROSATOM and now is coordinated by the Zambian Atomic Agency (ZAMATOM).

These undertakings backed by the development of different nuclear power facilities and infrastructure, uranium mining and training of Zambian personnel will contribute to creation of thousands of jobs for the national economy.

Vast cooperation in the educational sector burgeoning since the early years of Zambian independence remains an exemplary showcase of the Russian-Zambian friendly partnership. For many years, Zambia has been the unrivalled champion in terms of the number of Russian government scholarship holders (138 in the current 2019/2020 academic year).

The key fields of study of Zambian students are medicine, agronomy and engineering, including the specialists in the sphere of peaceful use of atomic energy, who are planned to be involved in the work for the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology and for ZAMATOM.

Not only time-proven historic links and bonds of friendship unite our countries, but as well often similar or close approaches towards solution to complex issues of the international politics. Our country is grateful to Zambia for the effective support to its different international initiatives and proposals.

Hailing the outstanding role and contribution of Zambia in maintaining peace and safety on the African continent Russia is proud of providing on an annual basis the advanced training of Zambian police officers for the UN-certified Peacekeepers Training Center in Moscow under the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Despite there is yet much room for improvement, and we need to work hard to further unlock investment opportunities offered by both economies, I feel that the already established level of cooperation in many important areas instills confidence in the future of Russian – Zambian relations.


Alexander Boldyrev

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Zambia



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