…. As Chitika tells off Mumbi Phiri for creating confusion

By Scoop Reporter

STOP causing confusion in our party by insisting we are in an alliance with you when not, the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) has told off Patriotic Front (PF) deputy secretary general, Mumbi Phiri.

Addressing PF members in Serenje last Saturday, Ms. Phiri is reported to have said that the PF had agreed to work with the MMD and that if they discarded members from the former ruling party, they will not go anywhere as the United Party for National Development (UPND) is already laughing at them.

In her own words, Ms. Phiri is quoted as having said: “Ba MMD twalisumina ukubomba nabo (we agreed to work with MMD) and when we are working with them, let us feel proud, let us embrace them, ngabakaya kwi (where will they go)? Ba UPND babasekeko naifwe tulelwa nabo (UPND is laughing at them, then we fight with them?). No! God doesn’t allow that”.

But this has infuriated MMD national secretary Elizabeth Chitika who has written to Ms. Phiri, reminding her that there is no alliance between the two political parties.

“We write this letter to you and your party with a heavy heart following your continued destabilization of our Party. Madam Deputy General Secretary, how many times are we going to remind you to stop causing confusion in our party? We have written letters to your President and your General Secretary and we have attached a copy of the November 5, (2019) judgement but you continue behaving like nothing has happened.

“Which MMD have you agreed to work with? Or which MMD are you working with? If you want individuals MPs from MMD you have every right to take them if the two MPs will make you win elections. Please stop referring or mentioning the MMD because we are not in any working alliance with your party,” Ms. Chitika said.

She accuses the PF of not having respect for the law and that there is no rule of law in its vocabulary, which is the reason it has problems.

“You went to Serenje to defend your party from people you have expelled and are saying they shall attend your convention.  Why are you so quick to condemn them when you sponsored individuals to convene an illegal convention when you were aware those individuals were expelled from our party and you continued to call them MMD for three years and worked with them in your Government to date?

“How would you feel if we continued addressing KBF as a bonafide PF member and aspiring PF presidential candidate even when we know he is not in good standing with your party?  What is good to you should also be good to your neighbour otherwise Karma shall not miss your address in Lumumba road.

“With this said, we wish to put it in writing in case you have forgotten, we are not in any working alliance with your Party and you should desist from ever saying so publicly and privately,” she said.

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