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TWENTY NINE (29) small scale livestock farmers in Gwembe and Monze districts will benefit from the construction of water troughs for their animals to mitigate the perennial impact of water shortage.

This is a project funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB) under the Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue Sub-basin (SCRiKA) empowerment project, with Monze accounting for 17 while the other 12 are for Gwembe.

Speaking during a procurement consultative meeting held at Monze Council Chamber today which was also attended by officials from Choma and Gwembe, Monze District Commissioner Cyprian Hamayanga has thanked AfDB and Government for coming to the aid of the farmers.

Mr. Hamayanga says the 29 drinking troughs will go a long way in resolving the water problems for animals in the two districts adding that all stakeholders should take keen interest in ensuring that the contractors do the right thing and avoid shoddy works.

And Gwembe District Commissioner Justus Phiri has called for timely implementation of the empowerment project so as to reduce the challenges faced by animals which are forced to move long distances in search of water during the dry season.

Mr. Phiri says the projects are essential to the two districts adding that the experience of farmers in Gwembe district has been a sad state of affairs as people are forced to share the same water sources with animals especially during the dry season.

He says Southern Province is generally a dry province and that it is worse with his district which is in the valley.

“There is need for the timely implementation and handover of the projects so that both people and animals can start benefiting from them,” Mr. Phiri said.

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