…. As police refuse to disclose his whereabouts

By Scoop Reporter

RENOWNED musician Brain Bwembya, popularly known as B-Flow, has launched a lone hunt for photographer Chellah Tukuta who was picked by police last evening and taken to an unknown location where he is detained.

This morning, police spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed that Tukuta was arrested for criminal libel, saying he was arrested over derogatory remarks on Minister of Information Dora Siliya, Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General, Kingsley Chanda, among others.

But when Bwembya made a follow up with Ms. Katongo on where Tukuta is detained, she could not disclose but instead referred him to Lusaka Province Commissioner of police, Nelson Phiri.

Realizing that he was not getting any help from the police, Bwembya then took a city-wide tour of police stations to look for Tukuta whose whereabouts still remains a mystery.

So far, he has been to Woodlands, Chelstone, Emmasdale, and Kabwata police stations where he has been told that Tukuta is not in any of these stations’ cells.

“Now at Kabwata police station. The officers here say Chellah Tukuta is not in their custody neither do they have any information about his alleged arrest. We are about to call Police Service Headquarters and Lusaka Central Police. Chellah’s phone is still ringing but going unanswered.

“Before I called the police spokesperson, I visited Kabwata police. They are all saying they don’t know where he is,” Bwembya said.


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