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IT IS sad that late Frederick Chiluba’s legacy has not been appreciated and recognised in a befitting manner, Raphael Nakacinda has said.

Speaking at Embassy Park in Lusaka today during the memorial service of Dr. Chiluba, Mr. Nakacinda says it is unfortunate that the former president died a sad man due to the tag of corruption on him despite being cleared by the Courts.

He has called on Zambians to look at the great things Dr. Chiluba did for this country than focus on corruption that never existed and cleared off him by the courts.

He says restoring Dr. Chiluba’s immunity would have meant that all the respect, decorum, and appreciation should have been given back and shown to him by Zambians.

“We have now degenerated to levels where we never celebrate each other’s success. We actually look forward to destroying each other than we desire to celebrate each other’s success. If there is any success that is witnessed, everybody will gang up to destroy that legacy.

“We don’t celebrate the political success of individuals. All that is fought because we have a precedent set in the second Republican President such that with all that he has achieved, his legacy has continued to be taken in the mud. I think that must be corrected for the purposes of curing posterity,” Mr. Nakacinda said.

He says if this kind of attitude is not corrected, the country will continue with acts of vengeance, retribution, and other ills.

And in a sermon, Northmead Assemblies of God Bishop Joshua Banda praised the former Head of State for looking up to God by declaring Zambia a Christian Nation.

Those that attended Dr. Chiluba’s memorial service included former ministers Lameck Mangani, Peter Machungwa, Felxi Mutati, his former press aide, Richard Sakala, among others.

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