… After questioning if Maiko Zulu is a youth for him to protest

By Scoop Reporter

SOCIAL media has been awash with a backlash since last evening when late Michael Sata’s daughter Stella, questioned the age of musician, Maiko Zulu for him to participate in the protest by youths yesterday.

Stella, who goes by the name Stella Rukayi on Facebook, made a few posts on her wall to try and water down what was achieved by those who participated in the protest while singling out Zulu, whom she said she had heard of him since she was a child.

At 13:59 yesterday, she wrote:  Uncle Maiko… How old is he? Tenzekubambvela ninshi ndise bafana..#Youthprotest

Almost at the same time, she again posted: Youth Activists: We are protesting for Freedom of Expression.

Me: How old is Maiko Zulu?

Youth Activists: Take this down 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Y’all are a joke I swear 😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 come and beat me I’m at home!

But this did not settle well with her followers on Facebook who literally insulted her, telling her it was because of her behaviour that she was in a rough marriage while others questioned if truly she was the daughter of Mr. Sata since, the late “Cobra” had a human heart towards the suffering of the people he served.

Some reminded her that prior to the day of the protest, Zulu had made it clear through a post that he would be joining and providing solidarity to the youths who would be protesting against Government and that at no time did he claim that he was a youth.

Others screenshotted Zulu’s post to that effect, telling her to research before ignorantly commenting on issues she does not understand.

The fight did not end there. Others went to her husband’s page (Simba Rukayi) where they continued insulting her and inciting the husband to beat her again after word went round that he has been beating her.

Others started concocting all manner of lies that she was insulting him on her wall, a move which prompted him to block a number of them before he decided to delete everything on his wall but the barrage continued up until now on his wife’s wall.

Others alleged that she was desperate for marriage and that it was the reason she had to allegedly pay her bride price just to get married.

Here are some of the comments from her followers on Facebook:



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