By Scoop Reporter

THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) must first tell us who the gassers are before they push for the enactment of Bill 10, United Party for National Development (UPND) national youth chairman Likando Mufalali has demanded.

Mr. Mufalali says the PF is desperate to pass Bill 10 not because they care for Zambians, but because they want to use it to perpetuate their stay in office and that the ruling party is ready to do whatever it takes to have it passed.

He says UPND finds the PF’s desperation with regard to Bill 10 worrying as never in the political history of the nation have the executive arm of Government offer huge sums of money and vehicles to the opposition and independent MPs to vote for any Bill.

“We want to tell the PF that good laws are not made through bribery and corruption as they are doing. Good laws are made through consensus. The PF must withdraw this Bill and call all stakeholders that include all the three church mother bodies so that every sector of our nation can have input in this document.

“It is surprising that, even amidst pressing national issues such as the Coronavirus pandemic and mounting poverty levels which need urgent attention, the PF have gone into overdrive promoting Bill 10 at a huge cost to taxpayers,” Mr. Mufalali said.

He says the PF have crisscrossed the country to gunner support for it as they and their surrogates of all hues and shades have desperately tried to make the case for Bill 10.

“As they say, you can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. The PF will not manage to fool all the Zambians this time. The Zambian people want to reclaim their country. They want to regain their country from this regime of thieves, corrupt and ineptitude individuals.

“We would like to advise this government of thieves and schemers to think about the suffering Zambians have been subjected to because of their appetite to enrich themselves at the expense of the people they swore to serve.

“The Zambian people are still waiting for answers on the gassing attacks they were subjected to. Zambians want to know who was behind it. They want those bloodthirsty, evil people brought to justice. They also want to know who the owner of the 48 houses is. Zambians also deserve to know why their Government procured ambulances and fire tenders at exaggerated amounts,” he said.

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