By Scoop Reporter

THE beating of police officers by Patriotic Front (PF) cadres at Lusaka’s Central Police should not be down played, human rights defender, Gregory Chifire has warned.

Speaking to The Scoop today, Mr. Chifire says this act goes to show the levels of lawlessness that Zambia drifted into.

“Time and again, the Police has allowed PF cadres to assault innocent citizens in few view of the police with no consequence. The beating of police officers by the PF cadres goes to show leadership failure, not only at the police command, but Government as a whole.

“As matter of factor, it is clear that the Inspector General of police has lamentably failed. He has sacrificed professionalism at the altar of police appeasement. The IG has failed to protect both the citizens and his officers. He must thus resign,” Mr. Chifire said.

He says though sad, this attack is, and was expected because the police has surrender its power to the ruling party cadres and wonders how assured the security of the nation is if cadres can attack the biggest police station in Zambia.

He says everyone is hoping that by this attack, the police hierarchy will conduct a self-introspection and reintroduce professionalism in public policing.

“It would be in good order to ask the police command to quickly bring to book all the criminals that carried out this attack. The appeal also extends to the ruling party to term its cadres because they are creating a lawless State.
“The appeal wouldn’t be complete if it’s not extended to the Head of State who is the Commander-in-Chief of the defense and security wings of the State to show leadership and bring to an end this act of terrorism perpetuated by cadres from his party,” he said.

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