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WE are outraged by the uncultured being of insults, attacks on Mwine Lubemba Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga Sosala II of the Bemba speaking people by UPND leadership and its cadres and their plan to dethrone him should UPND form Government, PF youths in Muchinga have said.

Provincial PF youth Information and Publicity Secretary Francis Robert Kapyanga has asked the UPND leadership to leave paramount chief Chitimukulu out of politics.

Mr. Kapyanga says manoeuvres to take tribalism to the Bembaland will not be condoned and must be aborted immediately.

“We want to warn UPND and Mr. Hichilema to stop dragging the name of our Paramount Chief in their tribal politics and demand that they abort their maneuvers of exporting tribalism to Bembaland.

“They must also render a direct, clear and unambiguous public apology to His Royal Highness Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and the Bemba speaking people or risk being declared “Persona non grata” in the Bembaland by our vigilant youths,” Mr. Kapyanga said.

He has asked subjects to paramount chief Chitimukulu to rise up and defend their traditional leader against what he terms as “dirty and cheap tribal mafias” in the UPND.

“We also want to appeal to all well-meaning subjects (Bembas) of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu (Mwinelubemba) to rise up and not only limit to defend him against “dirty and cheap tribal Mafias” in the UPND who have littered the political space with tribal and regional politics but also reject them at the ballot in 2021.

“Because ethnic politics can drag Zambia down the drain of anarchy and blood shed if allowed to continue. For the youths who are being used by these tribal mercenaries to insult elders on social media and other platforms, we wish to remind them that you must respect elders in society.

“The politics of insult in this country must stop and young people hiding behind politics to insult elders must all stop because that’s not part of our culture as a nation which embraces the One Zambia, One Nation motto as preached by President Edgar Lungu,” he said.


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