By Malama Katulwendo (Author)

AWE Ba Mwina Lubemba, this is NOT good. Leave politics and stop being used, or stop running the risk of being misunderstood. A bit of history – was it NOT the PF which, in 2013 November, under Sata and the incumbent, had sent 500 police officers to stop your ascent to the royal throne?

Have you forgotten how the PF Government machinery fought you? Is this NOT true? Oh, how time flies!!! I heard your audio recordings at Radio Mano and in all honesty, any right thinking person would question what you had said.

I don’t think HH or anyone are trying to outwit you in “intellect”. Why should they? Or being “envious”? No, your Highness, leave politics alone and focus on uniting the Bemba nation. I also suggest that you quit writing political articles because if you do, critics would respond.

For example, I am a literary person – being a writer – and without being biased your writing, in itself, as a critic, is wanting. It is confused, not consistent.

Yet in judging THIS work as it is, I might be mistaken to disrespect you as your subject. Therefore, this shows that when you write something for the public domain, critics will look at your article and respond….

However, some responses might not be okay, for someone of your stature in society. Therefore, please leave ifi ma politics or if you choose, why not write books?

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