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THE Patriotic Front (PF) says winning eight wards in United Party for National Development (UPND) strongholds is not a fluke but a pattern testifying the strength of the party.

The ruling party has just won 10 awards in the just-ended election and eight of these are from the UPND strongholds which include Nakanya Ward of Nalikwanda, Western Province; Chabale Ward in Serenje, Central Province; Lobufu Ward in North Western Province; Nyoka Ward in North Western Province; Silumbu Ward in Sesheke, Western Province; Imusho Ward in Sioma, Western Province; and Nangweshi Ward in Sioma, Western Province among others.

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the party must now begin to cement these gains in these formerly UPND strongholds, while continuing our efforts to replicate similar results elsewhere.

“As the PF celebrates these monumental victories, the party leadership wishes to sincerely thank its structures and all members at grassroots level, for their untiring efforts to familiarize our fellow citizens with the PF’s developmental agenda. Indeed, your gallant efforts comrades have and are yielding desired fruit!

“Elections at Ward level are extremely important because they reflect the real voices and desires of ‘ordinary’ citizens at grassroots level. To our people in Chiengi, your Government hears you! The PF winning one (01) Ward in a UPND stronghold could have been termed as a fluke or ‘stroke of luck’ by some sections of our society.

“However, the PF taking away eight (08) wards in UPND strongholds cannot be a fluke, it is a pattern. A pattern which reaffirms a self-evident fact that: the opposition, both individually and collectively, cannot unseat the ruling PF.

“A pattern which confirms that, the wind of change is sweeping across the formerly UPND strongholds. A pattern which reaffirms the fact that, where UPND used to win by landslides at grassroots level, even if they win now, they do so by very small and negligible margins,” he said.

He says at grassroot level in UPND strongholds, the eyes of citizens are not blinded and their ears have listened regarding the visible development being implemented by the PF Government.

“Our people at grassroots level have opened their eyes and increasingly recognize the Development Agenda being driven by the ruling PF under the leadership of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

“To all Party structures and members everywhere, let us always remember that the Patriotic Front Party is a grassroots movement; a movement of the “people”. Therefore, we must constantly listen to the voices and wishes of our people at grassroots level, while selling the Patriot Front’s transformative manifesto,” he said.

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