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By Trinity Dunga Kayz

Most of the things around our lives are noticed and recognised because of their brandings on them, some applies in sports, sports teams are known because if there brands.

A football club is more than just the team that goes out on the pitch to play but a brand too , while we understand that the main focus remains on the game itself but there is no doubt that the football team and club is a brand on its own.

A club is a brand that fans, sponsors and club members feel an affinity with and as soon as it starts looking for or engaging with sponsors and everyone involved it becomes a business.

Branding is an important element in football circles, regardless of the status of the football club or team.it is one thing that generates a positive impact not only between team members but a much wider audience around the globe that invests time to support and money into the team.

By branding the team well, the club kits both home and away need to be kits that fans want to wear when showing their support. This means that the design, colour and quality should be the top priority when it comes to creating the team kit for it to stand out.

A lot of teams in the super league has brandings and kits of some teams are on point Which a lot of fans always want to get associated with but with lower leagues it is a different story as only a few has their own brand yet the rest use just any type and colours found as long as it is kit.

Jamulo FC , Shameal FC and New Monze Swallows are one of the few lower league teams to have their own brands and kits which funs have embraced while Maramba Stars would have had their own brand too but it failed  but Kalomo Jetters are building their own now which feeder teams use their parent club kits.

In many aspects, such brandings gives the club that identity and ownership. It also needs to ensure that the design of the kit is custom to the club and stands out so that anyone viewing the kit can instantly recognise it as belonging to this team which offers the fans the opportunity to truly be identified with the brand.


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