By Bennie Mundando

MINISTER of Health Chitalu Chilufya must take responsibly for the shameful dire state of the Kitwe Central Hospital which has been rodent-infested instead of pushing and apportioning blame on his subordinates, All peoples Congress (APC) president Nason Msoni has said.

On Sunday, Dr. Chilufya conducted an impromptu spot-check on Kitwe Central Hospital to establish what triggered uncontrolled rodent in a video that has gone viral.

After interacting with patients and health staff for over two hours, Dr. Chilufya established that there is gross negligence by management because the hospital has just received K1.5 million for rehabilitation works at the hospital.

He said in as much as the hospital was old it was unacceptable that management would allow rats in patients wards especially after receiving support from government.

Dr. Chilufya has since instructed Permanent Secretary for administration in the ministry Kakulubelwa Mulalelo to institute disciplinary action at all management levels for gross negligence.

But Mr. Msoni has told The Scoop that Dr. Chilufya must take responsibility for the rodent-infestation at the hospital than shoving the blame on his juniors.

He says the deficit and shortages of the consumables in all our hospital squarely falls on his inimical activities in the ministry of Health.

He says the rodent-infested hospitals country wide are just the manifestation of the rot in the ministry of health.

“Truth be told he is the biggest problem in the ministry of health and the encumbrance in the provision of quality health care to our people. It is unfair that he is passing the buck to those who are innocent when in fact he is the culprit of the terrible wrongs and happenings in the ministry of Health.

“In any normal functioning society, he should have taken responsibility for this shameful episode that has hit international headlines for all the wrong reasons. It’s unfortunate that the head of state has continued to shield him,” Mr. Msoni said.

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