By Bennie Mundando

ZAMBIA has lost yet another golden opportunity to have the Republican Constitution improved which may have stood the test of time, Rainbow Party national spokesperson Dennis Kapukulo has said.

Commenting on the failure of Bill 10 yesterday, Mr. Kapukulo says what happened yesterday is exactly what happened with the referendum in 2016 where selfish individuals and groups of people went round confusing the electorates and deceiving them that the document was bad and it was an act of fraud.

He says the same people went further to claim that the referendum was a rigging tool for the 2016 general elections and people voted against it but that today, people must realize that they voted against their own rights that aimed at improving their living standards.

He says after the 2016 elections, the same people, without shame, cried that the constitution was defective and demanded for a review but that after they were given a chance to review it, they decided to stay away and begin to confuse the electorates once again and consequently it has fallen away.

He says Bill 10 has fallen away because of gross incompetence by most Members of Parliament (MPs) but that the Rainbow Party, under the leadership of Wynter Kabimba, is not surprised because it understands that most MPs are incompetent and failed to understand it just like they failed to explain to their respective constituents.

“They can’t debate knowledgeably in parliament as a result they hide in walking out. This is unfortunate, people wanted to hear their representatives debate the bill so that as they were following they could understand things they didn’t understand but that was not the case.

“As a Party we pity the people of Zambia because they are the ones that have lost and unfortunately including the opposition political parties especially those that are going to take Part in next year’s elections,” Mr. Kapukulo said.

He says in terms of elections, what happened in 2016 may happen again in 2021.

“It is against this background Rainbow Party will not go into celebration because this is a serious political party that aims at improving Zambia economically and any attempt to push the country to a standstill economically does not sit well in our party.

“We know people are ignorant and not focused. Soon or later, they will cry the loudest. It just a matter of hours and Rainbow Party will be vindicated,” he said.

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