By Bennie Mundando

THE K300, 000 paid by National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili and his sureties to meet his bail conditions was too exorbitant, Movement for Promoting National Values and Principles (MPNVP) has said.

MPNVP Chief Executive Officer Joseck Kunda has told The Scoop that as an organization promoting social justice, equity, non discrimination, equality, constitutionalism, ethics and morality, MPNVP is moved to express its displeasure in the way the Court arrived at the K300,000.00 as part of the bail conditions Mr. Kambwili needed to raise before being granted bail.

“We wish to confess that the figure was not only astronomical but became the first precedent set by the court. We wonder the criteria the Court used in determining the amount to be paid. As an organization, we have always believed that no single person is above the Law and that all citizens deserve fair treatment before the Law regardless of their political affiliation,” Mr. Kunda said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kunda has taken a swipe at political party leaders who take pride in promoting tribalism and hate speech and are in the habit of using vulgar language.

He says Zambia is guided by national values and that political leaders are supposed to take the lead in setting a good example manifesting fine attributes.

He says MPNVP will not remain mute whenever leaders fail to live by the standards they vowed to defend enshrined in the Constitution.

“Just a few days ago, our minister was caught in a web of having issued remarks that bordered on threatening violence and demeaning to others. Although there was a plea in Parliament persuading him to apologize, he couldn’t easily yield.

“A few days ago, another minister was reported to have promoted disunity by encouraging voters not to embrace some tribes. Not long ago, another Member of Parliament was quoted to have threatened some citizens of breaking their bones. As if that is not enough during the by-elections in Northern Province, another leader of the political party openly used sarcastic language to the surprise of the whole nation.

A few months from now, our Christian Country will be going for a tripartite elections and sadly, tension is slowly building up among the people. We wish to strongly caution all political players to tone down and avoid usage of language and terminologies meant to fuel anger in others. As an organization promoting National values, we will not hesitate exposing anyone who will be found wanting regardless of the position and status in the society. After all, our country is bigger than anyone of us and no man is indispensable,” he said.

He said there was need to promote oneness by speaking consolingly of one another and be soothing in utterances.

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