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By Bennie Mundando

WE risk ruining this country forever if we do not vote for United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema in August next year because he is the only candidate with a heart for Zambians, renowned Lusaka-based lawyer Mulambo Haimbe has said.

Mr. Haimbe said the narrative that Mr. Hichilema was a selfish and closed person who did not take pleasure in helping the less privileged in society was a total farce and a deliberate ploy advanced by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to malign him.

He believes Mr. Hichilema was a humble and ordinary person who had a lot of passion for Zambia and its people.

He stated that the few times that he had conversed with Mr. Hichilema had helped him clear the wrong perception that he was a selfish person who did not share what he had with people, adding that Zambians risked ruining the country if they did not vote for Mr. Hichilema in August next year.

“I have had the benefit of knowing him personally. This is an individual when you sit down with him, you strip away these political nuisances, you realise that he has a passion for this country and that he’s an ordinary person just like you and me. He is a very nice guy who actually served me with a cup of tea at his home on several occasions,” he said.

He stressed that the propaganda that he was a violent person who used vulgar language was a deliberate ploy by PF propagandists who had always wanted to smear and paint him black.

He also cautioned those who were in the habit of misrepresenting facts by taking the interpretation of one particular language into another.

“Basically, the whole propaganda; the whole narrative that he used vulgar language is a deliberate ploy to try and paint him black. But the issue is: you cannot interpret expressions from one particular language to another based on your understanding in your mother tongue.

“The most important thing that people must do is to take an objective view of the context in which a particular word was said,” he said.

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