… if they want to kill us, they will kill us while we are campaigning

By Bennie Mundando

WE will not listen to the police because whatever they are doing is unconstitutional and if they want to kill us, they will kill us while we are campaigning, in our quest to recapture Government, Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) president Nevers Mumba has vowed.

 The MMD has kick-started its 2021 mobilisation campaign and has so far held activities in Lusaka, Eastern, and Central Provinces but its event on the Copperbelt is hanging in balance as police are reportedly trying to block them.

But speaking to The Scoop, Dr. Mumba said he had instructed his members not to entertain any unprofessional conduct from the police and that if they (police) wanted to kill MMD members, they must be ready to do so because the party will not buckle under any pressure.

“We are moving into the Copperbelt. Of course the police have been trying to stop us but we have told them that we shall not regard them, neither are we going to listen to them because whatever they are doing is unconstitutional.

“We have told our members not to entertain the police with (their) unprofessional approach. If they want to kill us, they will kill us while we are campaigning and we are not going to stop. We are determined to recapture Government,” Dr. Mumba vowed.

He said the MMD will, without a doubt, bounce back into power because it had better prospects for the Zambians than what they were getting from the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

“We were in Government up until 2011 and we are a well-structured political party that went through three years of persecution and problems that slowed down our activities but as at last year November, we recaptured our political organisation and started to restructure it in preparation for the 2021 elections.

“You are aware that we launched our 2021 national mobilisation drive in Lusaka about three weeks ago. We went and launched it again in Eastern Province last week and yesterday (Friday) we were launching it in Central Province in Kabwe and the result of that is deep enthusiasm of the fact that the MMD has brighter prospects of offering the Zambian people than what the PF is doing because we do have a history in having one of the most respectable economies,” he said.

And Dr. Mumba says the MMD is not courting any political party for any alliance because its priority is to mobilise the party ahead of the 2021 elections, participate, and win the polls.

“The MMD created an atmosphere where Zambians could find jobs and look after their families and I think Zambians are missing the honesty and commitment of the MMD. We, as a party, are preparing to contest in 2021 and we are not talking to anybody about any alliance at the moment because it is not our priority.

“Our priority is to get the party ready and that is why we are in politics-to prepare the organisation to contest the election and win it. We are really focusing on reorganising our party and we are doing very well,” he said.

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