By Bennie Mundando

MY FELLOW scribes, especially those aspiring to be leaders in the media fraternity, must continue working hard and keep trying because failing to try is absolute failing to succeed, Muvi TV head of News and Current Affairs Innocent Phiri has said.

Recounting on his 13-year career as a journalist and TV broadcaster, Mr. Phiri said a lot of people had contributed to his success but that his mother was top on his perching order as she had been a great motivation, hence his nickname “The Son of Motivation.”

In his birthday message to The Scoop after turning 30 on December 25, Mr. Phiri said despite his career path being bumpy, he never gave up adding that he was privileged to sit at the feet of the industry’s finest individuals such as his former bosses Costa Mwansa and Steve Nyirenda, as well as the late Augustine Lungu.

He said the trio, together with other media personalities such as Kennedy Phiri and Mabvuto Phiri, groomed him and made him a better reporter and broadcaster from the early days of Muvi TV’s Zedkids news before he moved to a number of children’s programs.

It was during his stint and attachment to children’s programmes that he became one of the team leaders in floor managing, directing, and eventually producer under Kids programs, Kinds and Teens, Teen Fusion etc.

Under stiff competition, he said he distinguished himself among the best at the television station and that Mr. Mwansa spotted his exploits and gradually transferred him to the department of News and Current Affairs.

It was just a matter of time before he became a producer/director, from time to time, handling the morning breakfast shows and that through the mentorship of Mr. Nyirenda that he was entrusted with a bigger task of overseeing prime time current affairs or political programs such as The Furnace program that put political leaders on the spot.

He said the Furnace had added flavour to the already existed programs such as The Assignment which he had anchored before plus more of the current programs on Muvi TV.

I never backed down and I was later taken to the main newsroom where I faced a huge competition with other ripe reporters at that time but despite the rough and bumpy ride in the newsroom where everyone always aimed at scooping the news search day, I never gave chance for humiliation but rode on constructive criticism as instructed by my former general manager, Costa Mwansa.

I ticked and became one the consistent and courageous reporters back in the days. In 2018, I followed my mentor, Costa Mwansa, and the mentorship continued such that upon returning to Muvi TV in less than a year, I was promoted to head of News and Current Affairs, taking over from Mabvuto Phiri who equally greatly prepared me for hard work,” Mr. Phiri recounted.

He said God had been his strength all throughout his career.

As I turned 30 on December 25 2020, I can only say the Lord has been gracious to my life during my30 years on earth. My mother, Lydia Chilongozi, has been my motivation in life and this is why I call myself “The Son of Motivation”. To my fellow scribes and more especially those aspiring to be leaders in the media fraternity, keep trying because failing to try is absolute failing to succeed,” he said.

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