By Bennie Mundando

A PACK of wolves in sheep skin among some pastors on the Copperbelt is on the loose as it is ganging up against President Edgar Lungu and very soon, the country will witness unprecedented divisions among them, the Evangelical Youth Alliance (EYA) has warned.

Speaking to The Scoop yesterday, EYA Executive Director Moses Lungu said the love of money and material wealth had possessed some pastors who were taking advantage of the forthcoming election by supporting some political parties in exchange for material wealth.

It is now very difficult for the President to know which pastors to trust and which ones not to because most of them have lost it. Some pastors are more inclined to money-making ventures using the sheep skin yet at heart, they are wolves. There are a lot of divisions looming on the Copperbelt among pastors because they know that this is an election year.

They are doing it not because God is telling them to do it, but because they know that there are politicians who get more desperate this time around because they are looking for who to vote for them and they end up holding the sheep that Jesus died for to ransom.

When they hold the sheep to ransom, they begin to peddle the plight of the sheep in these congregations for political personal aggrandizement, contrary to the mission of the church that they have been sent to do,” Reverend Lungu said.

He said the mission of the church was to make disciples of all nations, baptizing the believers in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but that today, pastors were making disciples of their own.

He said this was why at the most convenient, even if the devil was to go with an offer that if they gave him the blood of the believers in exchange for material wealth, they would stop at nothing but sacrifice the sheep under their care.

The collar has been tuned for a money-making venture when it symbolized humility and love for the community that Jesus Christ died for. I want to thank the President for his tolerance and his enduring heart because some of the things that have been allowed to happen, other presidents would not have tolerated them.

As a church, we have a mission to preach love, peace, and reconciliation to promote life as opposed to promoting messages of bloodshed. The church will remember President Lungu one day when he is no longer there because there is never been a time when the church has enjoyed freedom to do anything like the case is under his reign,” he said.

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