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MY father died when I was just 9 years old and I understand exactly what it means to sleep on the floor and have no food to eat, hence the need for us to help the less underprivileged in society, Save Lives Zambia Chief Executive Officer, Younus Essa has said.

Mr. Essa said this on Saturday when he teamed up with Kabwata Constituency PF aspirant, Danny Yenga, and donated assorted foodstuffs to Fountain of Hope Orphanage, the facility founded by former Mwansabombwe MP, Rodgers Mwewa, in Lusaka

He recounted the time that his father died when he was just a boy and how tough things were adding that he understood what it meant to be an orphan because he was there and that this was the reason he was always extended help to the orphanage to cushion its operational costs.

“We are glad to be here today. People should understand who an orphan is. A lot of people don’t understand who an orphan is and what suffering they go through. Today, I want to give you the history about my background. I was 9 years when my father died. My mother suffered to bring us up. My eldest brother left school and started working.

“We had nothing to eat. We used to sleep on the floor. So, I understand exactly what the suffering of an orphan means. My mom has always been saying that when you make money, you must share and who should you share the money with? With the underprivileged and orphans,” Mr. Essa said.

He said from the experience he had, he had decided to always help those who needed help.

“Because of my mother’s prayers, we are blessed. We have a house to live in. we have food and cars but at the same time, we have been sharing with the underprivileged. We have been here before because Rodgers Mwewa was not just a friend, but a brother also. It is our duty to help these children. We have nice food to eat but what about them?” he asked.

And Mr. Yenga appealed to the corporate world to take advantage of the peaceful situation prevailing in Zambia which is enabling them to conduct businesses by helping the less privileged in society.

“When I came here in December last year, I was in tears. We broke down because the founder of this orphanage, Rodgers Mwewa, was my good friend. With us, we know that we have to do politics but we cannot come here to do politics.

“We need to help these people because from here, we will have future doctors, lawyers, ministers, or even the President. All what they need is a helping hand. They just need somebody to push them a bit. The one who will take care of all of us tomorrow is not known. I am appealing to my fellow Zambians to have a human heart and help the less privileged,” Mr. Yenga said.

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