By Bennie Mundando

ZAMBIANS must embrace the watermelon concept to kick out the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), United Party for National Development (UPND) national management committee member Percy Chanda has said.

In a statement to The Scoop today, Mr. Chanda called upon all well meaning Zambians to unite and use the watermelon concept to kick out PF, saying there was nothing wrong in eating whatever the PF was giving them now, but on August 12, do a watermelon on them.

He urged Zambians to think of their future and that of their innocent children first and that all had the responsibility of kicking out PF.

Throw away the green part of the water melon on 12th August. Enter the polling booth as PF but come out smiling as UPND. You will be alone in the polling booth and PF will not know that you have done a water melon on them. Continue eating whatever they give you but vote for UPND. PF is only deceiving Zambians for the sake of votes.

After elections there will be no dishing out of cash, bicycles, goats and chickens. Where by-elections were held PF bought votes using the same crooked method but later abandoned the electorate. You have been duped before, this time use the water melon concept. If you make a mistake of voting for PF, the next general elections will be in 2026. If you don’t do a water melon on PF you have yourself to blame,” Mr. Chanda said.

It’s PF that has allowed lawlessness resulting in loss of innocent lives. It’s very important to do a water melon on PF because these are the people who wanted you and your innocent children dead through gassing. You must do a water melon on PF because Zambians have lost their lives by giving them expired drugs and stole the money they are now dishing out. Do a watermelon on PF because our youths have been neglected. Do a watermelon on PF because they have destroyed our economy through corruption.

Through the watermelon concept we can reclaim our once prosperous and peaceful Zambia. UPND will restore the respect that Zambians enjoyed before. HH and his team will create jobs and stabilize the economy by revamping the dead industrial base. Under PF Zambia has become a dumping ground of sub standard goods because we can’t manufacture even a tooth pick. Our industries are warehouses for imported sub standard goods. PF has induced poverty in order to control Zambians, we must unite and kick out PF,” he said.

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