By Bennie Mundando

THE National Biosafety Authority (NBA) has granted Crown Foods Ingredients Zambia a permit to import products which may contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

And Kellogs products which were brought into the country without prior authorization from the NBA have been seized from Woolworths Super markets in Lusaka.

NBA communications officer Sandra Lombe today confirmed to The Scoop in a statement that Crown Foods ingredients Zambia will bring in various premixes and other ingredients which may contain GMOs.

Ms. Lombe said the products include Soya isolate emulsipro 90e 20kg, NCP complete pizza flavoured mix 10kg, NCP complete smokey CHS & on mix 10kg, Chakalaka bread mix eb 12, 5kg, Superior milk bread 25kg and Supa soft yellow bread 25kg. Others are NCP complete hunters bread 10kg, Hunters bread premix and Soya mince UNCOL VP20 20kg.

The permit is valid for five years. The company has also been granted a six months permit to place on the market the products that may contain GMOs that it will bring in. The NBA has also issued Zambian Brands, Gatbro International Limited, Southern National Import and Export, Gola Stock Feeds and Choppies Ltd permits for placing on the market products that may contain GMOs.

Additionally from January to date the Authority has also issued five non GMO certificates to company’s intending to export some products from Zambia. Among those issued with non-GMO certificates include Nyama Soya Ltd, Mauritius Chemical & Fertilizer Industry limited, Parrogate Ginneries and Pembe Flour Mills,” Ms. Lombe said.

And the NBA during its spot and compliance checks seized Kelloggs cornflakes, Kelloggs Coco pops and Kelloggs Rice Krispies worth over K5, 000 from Woolworth Supermarket at Manda Hill in Lusaka. The products will be disposed of according to the Biosafety Act No 10 of 2007.

Woolworth Superstores had started the process to apply for authorization to import GMO products but withdrew the application. Therefore, the Superstore will not trade in any products that may contain GMOs. As for those products which they brought into the country illegally, we shall destroy them as we have done for other GMO products which were brought into the country without authorisation from the NBA.

The Authority is calling on all those trading in products that may contain GMOs to ensure that they have the necessary required authorisation to avoid being inconvenienced,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Authority has from January to date registered one Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) for the Centre for Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ). An IBC reviews, approves and oversees research involving the use of genetic engineering technology and other biohazards.

Currently, the NBA is actively participating in activities regarding Covid -19 Vaccine.

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