IT IS no longer news. Former UPND spokespersons Charles Kakoma has ditched the UPND and joined the PF and according to him, he will ensure that President Edgar Lungu is re-elected on August 12 as Republican President.

When you see the men of principle begin to disappear, it is either they cannot take it anymore because you are not progressive, or they have cast their eyes across the divide and realized how green the grass is on the other side. Also, it could be a warning sign that Nebuchadnezzar is grazing with the buffaloes in the forest and time is ripe to go back and read the writing on the wall.

Having closely covered Mr. Kakoma up to the time he stopped picking our calls, we can tell you that this is the man who remained calm even in the face of adversity. The difference between him and his former boss Stephen Katuka, who was the party Secretary General, was that while he maintained his cool even under very tempting situations to burst up, Mr. Katuka easily blew up and would end up not giving you a story even when it matters most.

This is exactly what happened to some of us during our professional duties some years back. There just comes a time when loyalty amounts to nothing. There comes a time when the chaps who you helped to become better people in your field, today start disrespecting you because they feel you are nothing. Usually, this truancy comes from the top. The very people who put you to be in your current position start sending boys to frustrate you and when you react, you take the blame.

Why? Either the people at the top are tired of you and want to get rid of you but do not have the balls to tell you to your face or gather a bit of hyena courage to inform you they no longer need you like the case was with some of us, or those at the top have inadvertently becomes accomplices to mediocrity. Either way, leaving is the best option for the sake of your reputation and the need to start your life anew.

For Mr. Kakoma, we have not agreed with you on a number of issues, firstly, with you as a person, and secondly you as the UPND spokesperson, which is normal, but on this decision, we salute you. No one should call you names.

Being faithful to one political party for 14 years is not a joke. Those who practice politics of the belly jump at any carrot dangled on their face but you had remained resolute till now. That was on principle. The Scoop Newspaper team wishes you well in your political life and it is our hope that you will continue carrying politics of soberness which is to a large extent almost non-existent in this country and continue being a good source.

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