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PATGRIOTIC Front (PF) member Chishimba Kambwili says he will today hold a lone protest from Woodlands Mall to Cabinet Office over the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

Mr. Kambwili says he is protesting the criteria used in the selection of beneficiaries which he says leaves a lot to be desired.

He has since invited media houses to accompany him.

“Tomorrow (today), I will be holding a lone protest from woodlands mall to Cabinet Office at 8am. This is concerning the issues surrounding Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP). The conditions that have recently been imposed with regards to the criteria of picking recipients leave much to be desired. I’m hereby inviting media houses to join me,” Mr. Kambwili wrote on his Facebook page.

However, most of his followers asked him not to go ahead with the planned protest and create unnecessary confusion because he is allegedly making a political stunt aimed at blaming the police should they stop him from going ahead.

Here are some selected comments:

Ruse Drixx Jr: So the plan is to faint if they arrest you.

Richard M Siabule: Hope you have a police permit ndaba we don’t have time to come and visit you in hospital bcoz imwe babili naba Sean Tembo kukumangani chabe mutidwalila

Newton Mulendema: Here is what is expected of you regarding FISP and The Social Cash Transfers. Firstly, as a long standing leader of the PF, check what obtained in those programs in terms of management, operations which included qualifications, modalities, transparencies, accountability, were the programs national based without biases/discrimination? Were there an embedded programs for oversights, evaluation, analysis, etc? Were the programs abused, etc? What is the UPND government trying to do differently and why? The whole process can be done in your home or PF offices without making yourself a nuisance and political irrelevant spectacle that ultimately shall achieve little or nothing at all.

Itwi Nyambe: Sitting in police cells for 2hrs landed you in ICU , now a 4km walk will end up a B.I.D case.

Emmiz Sijoh Simamuna: Go and get a police permit not ukwenda umungulu when they arrest you mwambe nokufenta

Kennedy Mwaba: Gvt changed in August 2021, do you want the new gvt to be doing what you were doing? They have their own leadership style. Give them space to work.



  1. This man should rest please.

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