… the chap brought home firewood with maggots, now the lizards are playing Nebuchadnezzar next door

Article by Scoop Reporter  

YO MAPS invited maggot-infected firewood into his home and has no one to blame today for being visited by lizards. He too inherited his wife’s vulgar language into his mouth by once calling his fans “bakambwanga” it is the same Kambwangas he was insulted who voted.

They even warned him before that the path he was taking was wrong but he never listened to them but what do you expect from someone who has an insulting woman like Kidist and a manager of DJ Kandeke’s calibre?

Yo Maps’ script had largely become a mangled yarn of putrid artistical detachment and excesses. The fan base felt constricted and scorched out. The wife and his manager dished out mischief and spiralled out of control. Spineless chancers and industrial parasites had camped en-masse before him. They prostrated whilst exercising wanton control.

Those that engineered his rise meteoric path to stardom became ostracized. Turned into lepers and strangers. Mwizu kanji was watching and the disciplinary committee sympathized with her and they came for his throat. The centre could no longer hold – key players like Mwizukanji were ousted through matrimonial disputes.

As voters were baying for Yo Maps’ blood at the artistical alter, the jackals had gathered to finish him off within. Lesson must be drawn from this. Pride comes before the fall of every man. Humility is a currency. Talent without character is worthless. No one is irreplaceable too. Arrogance can replace your relevance

The awards were 100% fair and all the winners are well deserved. For those that see unfair treatment coming from the organizers please, it is not them but the people that voted and I feel this is a time for Yo Maps to revisit himself and once he finds were he went wrong let him correct it and move forward otherwise, he remains a big artist but not powerful than the Zambian people who buy his music, go to his shows, stream his music on YouTube and many other platforms. He can do better next time.

This is not the Yo Maps we knew. Yo Maps has become big-headed and has failed to manage his brand and ego. No one said Yo Maps will go down to rags but what we are saying is that character is important.

Yo Maps is not the first household name in the Zambian music industry and will not be the last. We have had legends in the game like Danny, Petersen, Maureen Lilanda, Mampi, name them. Have you ever heard Danny, Petersen, or the Sakala Brothers’ wives insulting fans? Some of us don’t even know their wives.

Mampi has probably been the most abused female artiste in Zambia but despite this, she has weaved her way to the top. Yes, she may have had outbursts here and there but at no time did she disrespect her fans the way this Yo Maps chap and that ka long fingered, good-for-nothing wife of his are doing.

Yo Maps is young. He is too young to realise that no man comes out of woman’s thighs sane. Added to the debacle of having a useless woman, is also the fact of having a manager who is simply riding on the musician’s fame. No one knew DJ Kandeke until Yo Maps took Zambian music by storm and so, this is a childish partnership all around… from home to the industry, Yo Maps is like a trapped mongoose. No one is telling him the truth and the result? Zero out of a possible five awards and things will still get rough for him. He should ask Slap Dee.

It was business for him when he was twerking for the PF not long ago. It was business when he was attacking Zambians by saying as long as someone does not pay his bills, he should not be asking how he lives his life. Well, those who don’t pay his bill spoke and spoke in the most humiliating matter.

Some people have said that Zambians are being petty and emotional over this issue but the truth is that music too is an emotional thing too blo. It appeals to our emotions and so, bad vibes evoke bad emotions and that is what Yo Maps and his wife did.

This is a lesson to all artistes that success comes with respect to your fans who made you what you are today. For any continuous flow of success, one should always remember the height from which he/she can fall from. Have you ever heard the producers of Chibwantu, kombucha, mojo, and maheu insult the consumers? This invisible disciplinary committee’s hand can send an artist into extinction like a Kiwi! Tapalati!

In short, never ever insult Zambians. They don’t play when it comes to discipline. He should ask the PF…. I remember some people used to say the cost of their wives’ perfume can pay a Zambian’s rent but where are they today? the rest is history

The voters sent a clear message to Kidist through Yo Maps that pride goes before the fall. They let the superstar couple know that talented or not, popular or not, they would wield the little power at their disposal and send a clear message. This is not to say they have stopped listening to his music or cancelled him.

They simply reminded him who the boss is. They reminded him of the power they hold with regard to rewarding or withholding accolades for his immense talent. This should hopefully be a humbling experience for him but alas I fear it might not be a teachable moment if he does not rid his wife of the riot actor sooner than later. Olo panyumba mwana akapusa timachita discipline, but it doesn’t mean that we hate the child. Tifuna che akonkoloke, otherwise we love him. Now, I understand when they say “Uzamuziba Yesu.”

Power belongs to the people. This pride, boasting, and attitude from Kidist and Yo Maps clicked a wrong button in the hearts of the fan base. He is forgetting that fans are the ones that pays his bills, but he called them kambwanga/kolokodailo.



  1. Apologize or people will still be listening to your music through piracy and hold back whenever there is need for monetary support.

  2. Kelvin Sikanyiti

    Well articulated article…. A woman can either make or break you.

  3. Honesty Simulwi

    It is from the marriage hour that many men and women date their success or failure in this life, and their hopes of the future life.1The Review and Herald, February 2, 1886.

    • Ngosa Africa

      Bad company corrupts good morals.
      Whatever the case here, majority cannot stand against you for nothing. It’s a signal to help check out yourself.
      Above all let’s all remember to be humble.

  4. Mailesi Banda

    This is a true reflection of bad company corrupts good morals and he who finds a good wife finds a good thing and obtains favor I think the opposite is he who finds a knife gets cut and attains disgrace

  5. Joseph sikombe

    This must be a lesson to all that has will gain fame alway must stay humble and character must be maintained don’t let fame drive ur head

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