The Scoop Editorial: October 4, 2022

THE problem we have in this country is that we take pride in peddling frivolity even on serious issues. After yesterday’s rescue of the girls who were abducted at different times (serve for Pamela Chisupa whom we know was abducted on April 13, 2022), we expected a united Zambia speaking against this alien scourge to this nation.

Those who may have information to bring to book the dissidents behind this alien scourge should have taken a leading role in ensuring that such vital information is passed on to relevant authorities. Care must be taken at this point so that using information from those abducted and those who may still have leads over this matter about those behind this heinous act can come out as this is important towards ensuring that these criminals are all rounded up brought to book.

The abduction of these girls is not a family issue. It is a national issue which begs the question of how safe the girl child in the midst of these vampires prying on their lives and ready to pounce at any time for reasons best known to themselves and therefore, the least we expected was to see cheap, petty political gibberish and accusations over such an issue.

From the onset, it is petty for anyone to play partisan politics over such a sensitive issue which border on people’s lives. We have no clue what these girls went through under these thugs and the least we can do is to at least accord them some respect and empathy and not playing partisan politics over the situation. This is not a matter of UPND versus PF or Sean Tembo.

A criminal is a criminal regardless of which part of society one belongs to and so we find it frivolous that some people like Sean Tembo can go to an extent of asserting that the abductors could have been sent by the UPND hence the needed to call for international investigative wings such as the FBI or CIA.

We have also seen other politicians weighing in on the same issue with ridiculous accusations and just when we thought we had seen enough, some Constituency Chairman from the UPND issued a statement trying to distance the party from one of the alleged abductors, saying he is not their party member.

Whether or not that person is UPND is out of question. The issue is that he is alleged to have committed the offence and the only logical thing to do is to ensure that those who know his whereabouts cooperate and surrender him to the police so that the entire gang is brought to book.

This is not time to shield criminals or distance ourselves from them in the name of saving the image of the party. There is nothing wrong with admitting someone is your member and surrendering him to relevant authorities. Even in our families, when people error, we call them out to show that we do not ascribe to their perverse behavior.

The bottom line is that both the ruling party and the opposition must not play partisan politics. This is not time to show who can play politics better than others. This is time for all of us to join hands and make it clear to these criminals that Zambia will never be a safe haven for them. We can’t continue to be petty even on serious issues. It is utter nonsense and ridiculous to try to n be sentimental over everything just for the sake of attaining cheap political mileage.

Before anyone thinks of playing partisan politics over this matter, think of the trauma these girls are in. Think of the anguish and anxiety suffered by their families over their disappearance. Let us for once sober up as a country and put politics aside.

Today, it may be them but tomorrow, it may be our relative. Will we be happy if another person played partisan politics over their misfortune? So, whether or not someone believed to be among the abductors is a member of the ruling or opposition political party, the bottom line is that they are a potential criminal and must be treated as such.

They must be arrested and let them have their day in court and if found wanting, be jailed to send a clear message to would-be offenders that we are a country of laws, a country where its citizenry stands hand-in-hand on common causes despite differences in political affiliations and not this nonsense we are seeing from some misguided, good-for-nothing charlatans calling themselves politicians, trying to make a meal out of the situation. This is plain stupidity.


  1. Nonde Sk

    We are a people that has taken everything to be politics..even where logic and wisdom must be applied, we choose to politicise everything to gain political mileage..
    The day we shall begin to separate politics from the issues that we face on our daily basis, that Is when we shall start developing as a country..
    What had happened to our girls is a national issues to needs joining hands and fighting the vice before it gets worse but alas, some people with waterlogged brains want to flex their muscles to show their high level stupidity..

  2. william kwenda

    Mu Zambia fyonse ma politics.

    • Joseph sikombe

      Seriously it is pettiness that people may be political on the social well being especially the trauma she has being throung

  3. Honesty Simulwi

    People are full of politics in their heads, even with serious issues ai!

  4. Godfrey mweembezi

    Ukusabaila too much mu zed

    • Ngosa Africa

      This has not shocked some of us.
      Zambians have never at any point taken important issues seriously and it’s unfortunate that the trend is slowly taking a center stage.

  5. Kelvin Sikanyiti

    Someone will just say something wrong and end up being questioned over this issue.

  6. Mailesi Banda

    We have lost our morals as a country even serious issues are politicized shame

  7. Collins maambo

    There is more than what meets an eye , I just hope en trust that the minions ll be brought to justice

  8. collins mundando

    let morals be restored in our country

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