By Sandra Machima

MINISTER of Health Sylvia Masebo has implored all Provincial Health Directors, District Health Directors and heads of facilities to provide for and strengthen mental health services in their respective areas during their annual planning meeting.

Ms. Masebo noted that there is no proper health without mental health, owing to the fact that there is a growing burden of mental health conditions and an increase of suicide cases.

She said statistics show that mental health disorders affect about one in every four persons worldwide and depression happens to be the fourth leading cause of global disease just behind cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks.

She said this during the commemoration of World Mental day, which was celebrated under the theme, “Making mental health and well-being for all a global priority.”

Ms. Masebo who was represented by Lusaka province permanent secretary Robert Kamalata said for this year’s theme to bear fruits, there is need to act accordingly.

The Minister said the country is faced with important public mental health issue claiming lives and robbing great minds with capability to transform the socio-economic trajectory of the world, and Zambia in particular.

She said covid-19 has created an additional global mental health crisis from which the world is still trying to recover from.


  1. Louis choongo

    They are so much reluctant in dealing with drug abuse,these children what they smoke and others doing rituals

  2. William kwenda

    The minister should deal drug shortages in all health institutions.

  3. Honesty Simulwi

    To solve mental health issues needs to address household economies first otherwise, it will be mission in futility. There is a lot of pressure in these homes and it brews conflict among families and relationships. We need to have at least 80% to be out of poverty, it will be simple to take care of the 20% . Then we can sing the same hymns.

  4. Joseph sikombe

    To prevent this they must deal this the real issue people are going through suchs their basic neccesates they the real cause of mental issues

  5. Ennie Kishiki

    people are going through a lot these day so strengthening mental health in all health facilities will help many people from killing themselves among other mental health issues

  6. Musungwa Novious

    Exorcist play a big role in this condition

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