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DIVISIONS in the New Apostolic Church have deepened with District Apostles and Bishops in Zambia, Malawi, and Zimbabwe rejecting pronouncements made the Church Headquarters in Germany.

Last month, the Head of the Church Jean Luc Schneider announced that starting January 2023, the church will ordain female preachers and respect rights of certain marginalised groups.

The announcement sparked debates with members in the Democratic Republic of Congo protesting destroying public property.

In Zambia, some members especially the youth wing had written to the Zambia police to stage mass protests against the move that was thwarted by senior church leadership at Central Church in Lusaka.

After several weeks of consultation, On Sunday October 16, 2022, District Apostles, Apostle, and Bishop ministries sat in Lusaka to deliberate on the matter.

After the meeting, it was resolved that announcements of new changes made by the Chief Apostle will not apply to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi and that since some pronouncement violates the law, it will not be applicable in the three countries.

The local highest ministry also resolved that a committee of Code of Ethics should be constituted to take ethical considerations of church pronouncement before being implemented. The church has since advised its membership to desist from using social media to preach hate and violence but use the right channels to communicate their grievances.

One of the most respected and oldest traditional churches in the world is going through difficult moments emanating from pronouncements made by Chief Apostle at headquarters in Germany last month.

The Scoop now understands that all the District Apostles, Apostles, and Bishops are ordained by the Chief Apostle but it is unclear what is likely to happen as there are fears that if resolutions made in the three countries are not respected by headquarters in Germany, this will cause the collapse of the church in some regions especially in the three countries.


  1. Musungwa Novious

    These are the signs of end of the world repent and see heaven

  2. Nonde Sk

    This is the beginning of divisions in NAC..the moment the leadership of the church starts to do things that not in the bible so as to suit their environment, it’s a sign that disaster is at hand..

  3. Honesty Simulwi

    Always change comes with it’s own challenges.

  4. Honesty Simulwi

    Always change comes with it’s own challenges and it’s not just NAC most churches are going through tough times as we are nearing the end.

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