… as Zambia Breweries moves in to bridge the gap by doubling production

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ZAMBIAN Breweries says it is proactively addressing the growing demand for clear beer in the country through a new investment in its production line.

The company says as part of its response towards addressing the longstanding intermittent imbalance between supply and demand, it is investing in doubling its production line.

The company, which is part of ABV group, says it embarked on a US $80 million investment earlier this year in a new plant and equipment that will double production capacity at its Lusaka plant from 2024 onwards.

Responding to a Scoop Newspaper Press query on its preparedness to service the market in the festive season, the company attributed the recent intermittent supply to growth in population and the economy.

“The recent shortages experienced by some distributors, trade outlets, and customers are the result of a combination of factors including a growing population and economy in recent years that has increased demand for beer at a greater rate than supply,” company Corporate Affairs Director Ezekiel Sekela said.

Mr. Sekele said whilst the company’s Lusaka and Ndola plants current capacity is partly a factor, the situation has been worsened by the unfortunate action of some dealers who are taking advantage to artificially manipulate supply and prices.

He said the second factor of market distortion is beyond the control of Zambian Breweries as the company is rightly forbidden by competition law from intervening in the market pricing of its products.

“We wish to assure customers that the team at Zambian Breweries is working hard to increase beer capacity. In the meantime, I call upon all those in the trade to consider the interests of customers and maintain fair dealing to ensure the integrity of the sector,” said Zambian Breweries Country Director Michelle Kilpin.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sekele revealed that the US $ 80 million project, which will see the doubling of production capacity at the Lusaka plant, has commenced and progressing well.

He said the project is estimated to take 18 months to complete and is expected to come on board by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

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