Scoop Editorial: March 7, 2023  

THE current public portrayals by former President Edgar Lungu, patronising churches in his comeback bid with the same pomp and arrogance which got him booted out of power in 2021 simply show that he has not learnt anything from his heavy defeat.

We have never, not even in our wildest of dreams, imagined that Lungu, of all the people, would again take Zambians for fools by thinking they can allow him to rule this country after he and his fellow Patriotic Front (PF) honchos ran this country down to what it is today.

Yes, it is an undeniable fact that our economy is not doing well currently. The cost of production and fuel prices are on the rise while the Kwacha is depreciating and as a result, the cost of living keeps rising. This is worrying all Zambians who expect the current Government to work on these economic fundamentals as they could exacerbate poverty levels in the country.

Yes, we have a problem currently and yes, Lungu has a constitutional right to do whatever he feels like in a democracy like ours but it is only fair for someone responsible for this degeneration to have a sense of moral shame, remorse, and self-introspection to realise that he is no longer needed.

Lungu never listened to anyone when it served him right. He borrowed and borrowed until our debt reached unsustainable levels. It was under Lungu that we defaulted on our debt. It was under Lungu that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was told to go to hell for simply telling him that his insatiable appetite for borrowing would choke the country.

We are where we are today because of Lungu’s arrogance. When Zambians reminded him of his corruption, he called them names. Those he could, he put them in prison and for him to come back, then Zambians must be incorrigible, gullible and brainless as they will be ascribing to more misery, corruption, political violence, and all manner of illegalities that his tandem of cadres engaged in.

Of course the economy may be performing poorly but at least we have law and order as well as respect for people’s freedoms and human rights which he is currently enjoying and that is the reason today, he can afford to make a mockery of Zambians and the current Government.

These are the things he took away from the citizens during his tyrannical reign and was only a preserve for PF cadres. If the current leadership was as brutal as his PF regime, Lungu would have been licking his wounds and rotting in jail by now and not monkeying around churches and making irresponsible public stunts of a comeback.

Lungu would not even have had the chance to patronise churches because he subjected the opposition to getting permits even when going to church. Lungu was a brutal dictator who never allowed the opposition to campaign during the 2021 elections.

He reduced his friends to roadshows in the name of COVID-19 measures while he went full throttle, gallivanting the whole country, campaigning even when he knew he was losing the elections after the intelligence told him he would be voted out.

Now we know why the PF General Conference is a far-fetched idea. This is because Lungu assumed the PF presidency through illegality, ruled the country by abusing the law, has been leading the PF through remote control, and now wants to come back using illegal means. His hand-raising Kabwe fiasco is still much alive.

And since only Miles Sampa in the whole PF is the only one with balls to say enough is enough, it would not be surprising to see him bouncing back to lead the party and attempt to lead this country again by crushing Miles.

Going by the PF members’ dwanzy behaviour and tuntemba party leaders like bene Tayali who have been paraded each time he makes a public appearance to make a clown of himself, there is more drama preserved for the PF on the horizon because he now believes he is PF and the party cannot survive without him.

This is what happens when you are clueless in life; happens when you also led a clueless lot that continues to pay homage to you regardless of whether what you say and do makes sense or not. Lungu is not only misguided; he is also surrounded by a bunch of misguided individuals who cannot tell him the truth.

We have no problem with Lungu standing in 2026. Actually, since he has chosen that route for himself, we want him to stand again so that he can be embarrassed the second time since it appears the 2021 massacre only left him bruised but without picking valuable lessons.

As a matter of fact, let the PF give Lungu the presidency now so that he can have enough time to campaign ahead of the 2026 elections since there is normalcy now in Zambia where the opposition are free to mobilise and campaign without escaping through the rooftops of radio stations as the case was when he was at the Zenith of leadership so that he will not have any excuse when he loses the second time.

You can fool Zambians sometimes but not all the time. Lungu has not learnt his lessons so, let him come back and embarrass himself. As a matter of fact, Lungu needed a dictator to take over from him. By now, he would have tasted his own medicine but no; there is a church elder in power hence all this political gibberish from him.


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